Vent Sessions

We are here to listen

We are living through some challenging times. It is normal to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and stressed. Venting is a helpful alternative to therapy that can reduce immediate stress levels, help you think through problems, and regulate emotions.
Vent Session

Vent Session

A vent session is an opportunity for you to express yourself in a judgment free space. You’ll be paired with one of our professional listeners who is there to actively listen to your concerns and challenges.
Venting Therapy

Is Venting a form of therapy?

No – it’s not therapy, it’s venting. Although there are similarities, we do not provide diagnoses or therapeutic care during venting sessions. The content discussed during your vent session is confidential. We do not disclose your confidential information to anyone outside of your sessions. What you say to us, is kept with us.” During Vent sessions we do not provide a diagnosis or therapeutic care. We provide a space where you can express yourself judgement free with one of our trained listeners. If you believe you are in need of professional therapeutic assistance, please reach out for resources.

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